Life as an Intern at Nexlabs | Hsu Thin Zar Moe

Posted by nexlabs on Nov 25, 2019 3:09:00 PM


Life as an intern at nexlabs is a series where we talk to our interns to understand what their work experience was or is like at nexlabs, their ambitions, and their learnings. This should help you understand what the work culture at nexlabs is like, and what we do.

In the second post of the series, we talk to Hsu Thinzar Moe, a final year business management (BBM) student at National Management Degree College in Yangon. She worked with nexlabs as a Marketing intern from April to June 2019.


See first post was on the internship experience of Aung Kyaw Paing, who’s currently the Tech Lead at nexlabs.

What was your journey like before nexlabs: What were you doing? 🤔

nexlabs wasn’t my first internship. Before this, I had interned at Telenor Myanmar as Digital Marketing intern for two months. Over there, I had the chance to interact with various digital marketing agencies which piqued my curiosity about how they worked.


How did you know about the opening at nexlabs? What motivated you to apply? 👀

One of my projects at Telenor involved working with nexlabs. Curious about them, I went through their website and Facebook and was impressed me with their creative and fresh take on things. A senior of mine from school also happened to mention the nexlabs’ internship program at the same time. So, I decided to grab the chance and apply.

What was your first day like at nexlabs? 👣

The first day at nexlabs was both exciting and busy. From day one itself, I was assigned to work on an on-ground marketing campaign. This helped me know and interact with my mentors quickly and understand how things work.

On the job: What did you do? What were your key roles and responsibilities?✏️

As an Account Management intern, my work primarily involved supporting the integrated marketing team in their daily activities. The work involved preparing client reports, brainstorming content ideas, and working on influencer marketing strategies.

Besides that, I worked on various marketing campaigns, made communication plans for clients, and performed market analysis and research for sale pitches.

How did you find office life? 📊

nexlabs has changed my perception of what office life is like. Motivated, fun and supportive professionals who are like family makes the whole culture extraordinary. The energy embodied by every single employee kept me motivated and excited to come to work every day.

What was the best thing(s) that you learnt? If you ever ran into a problem, how did you overcome it? 😎

Working at a new place with new people always has its own challenges. Being a relatively shy person, I’d always hesitate to ask someone for help when stuck with a problem.

That’s one thing I learnt at nexlabs - that it’s okay to ask for help! Everyone around me was always supportive and ready to help out.

My main learnings were around understanding digital marketing strategies, client management, and building presentation skills. Apart from that, I also learned about Media Buying when working accounts’ reports.

What was your favorite moment in the internship?🧡

That would be going to an on-site video shoot for one of our social campaigns. I learned so much about what goes on behind-the-scenes when making advertising videos that day!

How would you summarize your experience at nexlabs? Any parting thoughts?🎉

I never felt like I was just an intern at nexlabs. My opinions were always valued and I had hands-on experience every day learning about digital marketing. My internship taught me more than I could imagine and has helped me grow personally too.

I believe internships are a great opportunity to learn about yourself and understand what your interests and skills are. It’s not about how smart you are, but about how much you are willing to learn. So never lose confidence when you don’t know something, just keep learning diligently and don’t be afraid to ask people for help!

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